History of La Casa Ucraniana Guest House

Guest House
La Casa Ucraniana

La Casa Ucraniana

History of the Guest House

La Casa Ucraniana Guest House

"La Casa Ucraniana" is a Guest House, where we offer a comfortable, clean rooms, for people who like a beach vacation surrounded by beautiful of tropical nature. We also offer a restaurant service, juice therapy with (Noni juice and various of fruit juices) and other services. We invite you to this wonderful place to relax from the daily noise of the cities.


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La Casa Ucranian

The construction of the house beginning in 2005. "La Casa Ucraniana" was the first building in this sector. Now this area is developing very fast. There are many new buildings, this area quickly populated with people from Latin America, South America, Europe, Australia and others places.


Owners of the house is the family from Ukraine. The Guest House and all that is on its territory made ​​by hands of its owners, who continue to improve this beautiful place every day, that would make it perfect for your best vacation.